Image of George Burns in Oh God!

Oy Vey! The Matinee: Oh, God!

341-351 Finchley Road
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Includes free bagel
10 Dec 2017
Next event: 10 Dec 2017

Directed by Carl Reiner | 1977 | USA | Starring George Burns, John Denver, Teri Garr, Donald Pleasence, Ralph Bellamy| 98mins | Suggested certificate 12A

God (George Burns) selects a humble supermarket manager (John Denver) to spread his word in Carl Reiner’s beloved comedy.

Jerry , an assistant manager in a supermarket, receives a visit from God who appears in the form of an old man. Reluctant at first, Jerry agrees to spread the word about his visits from the almighty creator of heaven and earth. However, Jerry's wife, Bobbie (Teri Garr), is sceptical, and theologians think Jerry's God is a fake. As Jerry continues to receive visits from God, religious authorities take action and demand that he prove his story.

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Part of UK Jewish Comedy Festival