Gwilym Simcock and Klaus Gesing

Gwilym Simcock – piano Klaus Gesing – reeds Gwilym and Klaus met some years ago in Italy when Klaus was looking for a good piano player for a quartet recording with bass player Yuri Goloubev and drummer Asaf Sirkis. Asaf’s recommendation has led to a number of longstanding collaborations with all three musicians in various formats and the latest is this stunning duo. In 2009 Gwilym was asked by Brad Mehldau to play at Wigmore Hall in 2011 as part of a duo series that Brad curated for three years. Without hesitation Gwilym suggested Klaus as his partner for this duo. This prestigious concert was a huge success and has led to both audiences and the two musicians wanting more. We hope you enjoy what looks like being a long standing partnership.

neighbourhood: Camden Town & Chalk Farm

audience: adults

type: music

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