Change in View - HS2 in Camden

25 January - 16 March 2019

Over the next 17 years the urban fabric of Camden, arguably London’s most bustling and diverse of boroughs, will be reshaped dramatically to make way for the HS2 train line. The major construction works planned will require hundreds of residents to be rehoused. Camden Council invited artist and anthropologist Liz Hingley to develop a project with, about and for those who are being affected.

This multi-stranded project empowers the local community to document, own and share the historic changes happening in their borough. A combination of poetry and photography will explore and express experiences of moving home in relation to the evolving ecology and changing animal habitats of Camden. A multispecies living sculpture built from the windows of the old housing blocks that no longer stand will accompany the pictures and poems made by participants who are being rehoused and the artist. The project is developed through close exchange with the Regents Park Estate inhabitants and is supported by key local partners; HS2, University College London, ZSL, Keats House and Royal Parks.

Artist bio 

Liz Hingley is British photographer and anthropologist whose work bridges academic scholarship and artistic practice. Migration, home and contemporary urban ritual are on going themes in her multidisciplinary projects. Liz is an active member of the Migration Research Unit of University College London and an honorary research fellow of The University of Birmingham. She previously held posts at The University of Sussex and FABRICA creative research centre in Italy. Between 2013-16 she was based in China as a Visiting Scholar of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

Liz’s publications include the books ‘Under Gods, Stories from Soho Road’ (Dewi Lewis, 2010), ‘End of Lines, Shanghai’ (Portraits De Ville, Be-Poles, 2013), Home Made in Smethwick (Multistory, 2016) and Shanghai Sacred (Washington University Press, 2018). Her writings and imagery also feature in global media publications and academic journals. Liz has received numerous awards for her projects including The Photophilanthropy Award, Prix Virginia and the Getty Editorial Grant. Her work is regularly exhibited in museums, galleries and diverse public spaces. Education and creative consultancy are significant elements of her practice.

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