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Actor's Dance Collective

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ADC was originally set up by actor/dancers. Amongst non-dancers, we noticed a clear demand for beginner dance facilitation which bypasses the intimidating atmosphere associated with conventional academies, and in response launched ADC.

​ADC now offers various tuition opportunities in dance and movement skills aimed at less experienced dancers, ranging from open classes to short courses, workshops to 1-to1 sessions. At ADC inclusivity is key. Our beginner classes give an introduction to physical awareness, fitness and coordination through a combination of exercises, short routines and plenty of giggles. All classes and workshops are led by trained professionals who are both experienced teachers and performers themselves and who understand both your body and your learning needs. 

Confidence in your own body is valuable in all walks of life. Whatever your background, body type, experience and goals, at ADC we aim to provide a friendly, open and judgement free environment to move in. For those who find the traditional dance studio environment vomit inducing - this is your class! Ask, challenge, play, fall, get back up. Screw ups encouraged!