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Artists draw their Camden

With the support of House of Illustration, Swiss Cottage Gallery has launched the Camden Drawn project, inviting artists and illustrators to interpret Camden and show their work at Swiss Cottage Library from May 2017 to February 2018. By bringing what is outside in, the Doodles are a fun representation of the diversity, community and adventure of Camden life!

Each poster will also be shown on the homepage of Love Camden for the duration of the exhibition. Keep an eye on Love Camden’s homepage for the most current poster and below to link to our archive!

This month: Elly Clarke's New Map / Old Memories (Can Your Memory Become Mine?) 

This triptych was created from screen-grabs of the open-access Google Map Elly Clarke produced in response to this invitation. It indicates the sites of all 25 Encounters she had with people in 2015 about their Camden based 'sticky memories' as part of Camden 50.The map provides direct links to the audio and photographs taken in the location of these ‘sticky memories’.

Elly Clarke is interested in the analogue and digital archive, in physical and non physical traces of memory and in the increasingly invisible line between private and public spheres and asks, as part of Camden Draws, whether memories can be transferable? Make sure you check out the animated GIF is the sister work to this, which will be displayed on the homepage of Love Camden website between May and July!

About the artist

Elly Clarke is interested in the relationship between the physical and the digital and ask how the body, as well as the memories that have been created with this body, look, feel and are situated in a world that is increasingly lived, mediated and (re)played online. 

The animation on the Love Camden home page has been created as an extension of Elly's commission for Camden50 in 2015 called Camden Encounters.  Over the period of a year she met up with 25 different residents of Camden at physical sites of 'sticky memories' they had gathered over the past 50 years. The memories have become somehow 'stuck' in the places where they were created. Elly's project was about trying to 'pick up', illuminate and share these memories through audio, video and photography. 

The project has been taken through stages, from creating an open source Google Map showing all sites of the Camden Encounters to making a video screen-grab of physically scrolling through all these sites, to producing a GIF, and to finally to putting the image through various gif animators and convertors. With every re-save and conversion of the images there appears to be more loss of information, more fade, but also more room to fill in the gaps. 

Elly Clarke works with music, performance, photography and drawing as well as participatory and collaborative projects that all play with and around this online/offline question. 

You can find the Camden Encounters here!  

Scan this code for more information and to add to the interactive map!



Forthcoming Camden Drawn artists include:

July – August 2017
Vishwa Shroff
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September – October 2017
Robert Frank Hunter
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November – December 2017
Marianna Madriz
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January – February 2018
Owen Davey
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